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[CAFE] 121210 - Baro’s Cafe Message: “Ah~ Lee Sandeul posted before me….”

Hello~~ This is Baro ^^

First off, I’d like to sincerely thank the people who came to our first solo concert.

It was probably really cold that day, so did everyone go back home safely?? I hope no one got hurt… ㅠㅠ

Although I feel somewhat relieved now that the concert is over, I feel quite sad maybe because it’s our first concert ^^

The images of us crying and laughing while enjoying our music with the people who came to our concert is still fresh in my mind.

I want to go back to that time…. However!! Since there are still many days to be together

I’ll practice hard while waiting for the next concert! ㅎㅎ

Ah!! Also, I realized and learned many things through this concert, but

something I definitely realized is that… our BANAs staminas are amazing…

How could you jump for a concert that’s over three hours without resting??

Jumping while waving your arms and screaming… Wow… Our BANAs are totally the best!!!

Next time, we’ll make you guys excited till you all faint from being tired ^^

Erm…. There are many things left that I want to say but

I’ll stop writing since you are all not sleeping and waiting for me to post~!

People who are going to school tomorrow, hurry and sleep~~~ Do you think this post will disappear just because you sleep? ㅎㅎ

Since my post is the last one, please hurry and sleep~

Finally, I sincerely thank everyone who came to our concert and everyone who supported us from far away~!!!!

Since we’ll show better sides to ourselves and more good performances, please anticipate it a lot and stay next to us till the end. We won’t disappoint ^^

P.S: Before you sleep, listen to Loptimist’s ‘Love Is Over’.

Sleep well~


trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans | source cr; b1a4’s fancafe ; take out with full credits

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    Hello~~ This is Baro ^^ First off, I’d like to sincerely thank the people who came to our first solo concert. It was...
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